Please see the FAQ below for answers to commonly asked questions and for additional information.

Do I need a hunting license?

If you are hunting hogs ONLY; you do not need a hunting license.

If you are hunting anything else (deer, predators, turkey, etc.) - You must have a valid Texas hunting license - these licenses come with detachable tags.  Most hunters purchase them when they arrive to Texas at Cabela's, Academy or Bass Pro Shops.  They can also can be purchased online through TPWD.

Proof of Hunter education completion is required.

If using archery equipment, an Archery Endorsement is required

What should I bring to butcher my animal and store the meat?

Please bring large plastic bags for meat storage such as deer or hog quarters or turkey along with paper towels and a box of latex gloves.

What time is check-in?

Check in time is 12:30ish on the first day that you book - not the day before.
Please Note: If you choose to arrive before your check-in date or stay later than your check-out date/time; please make alternate hotel reservations.  We recommend BUTTERFIELD MOTEL in Jacksboro.

Should I bring rain gear / Heater?

YES - bring rain gear and waterproof shoes and hunting clothes for every weather condition.  If you are hunting in the fall, bring a propane heater and bottles.

Should I bring a cooler?

YES - we have cold storage such as deep freezers in our skinning rooms but you will want to bring a cooler to transport your meat home. We recommend each Hunter only bring one cooler because you don't know the size of the animal you will harvest until the Harvest takes place. Additional styrofoam affordably-priced coolers can be purchased locally.

Can I skin and dress my own animal?

We have no problem with our customers skinning and processing their own Wild game of course at no additional cost. For those Hunters that want to relax, you're more than welcome to pay your guide to skin and quarter your animal(s). Price range from $30 to $100 pending on animal size

What about Binoculars and scent killer?

Each Hunter should bring binoculars and liquid/spray scent killer such as dead down wind.

What does lodging include for cooking and food storage?

Your lodging has all the amenities for your stay.  You will find kitchen utensils to cook and eat with and appliances such as stove, refrigerator, microwave and coffee pot. Bedding is provided along with bathroom towels and tissue.

What about food?

Don't forget to bring your food and drinks as we don't do meals. We do have many restaurants in our area for those that wish to eat out.

Do you offer refunds?

We don't offer refunds on hunting deposits under any circumstances (including loss of a loved one). However, we will be more than happy to work with you on rescheduling / rebooking your hunt in the event you're not able to keep your scheduled dates.  Please note that if you cancel your hunt, your deposit will be held and you have 12 months to rebook.  If you do not rebook within 12 months, the deposit will be lost.

What if I need to change my dates and reschedule a hunt I already booked?

There will be a rebooking fee if you need to cancel a previously booked hunt and reschedule the dates.  The charge will be applied to the card on file.

Do you do Taxidermy?

Taxidermy service is available. Contact Neal @ 940-859-9363.  Our staff can also do Hog and Whitetail euro mounts and ship them to you.

Where is the nearest airport?

Closest airport to our vicinity is DFW located in Dallas, Texas where we are approximately two and a half hours away from the airport.

Are the hunts fair chase?

YES - all hunts are fair chase free-range Hunting. No fences.

Where do I store my meat?

We have cold meat storage facilities available.

Do I need to bring my own blind (bow hunters / Turkey hunters)?

No - There is no need to bring your blind. We have all of that covered. We welcome you to bring your own personal hunting chair that you like using.

Do you accept checks?

No - we do not accept out-of-town personal checks - thank you for your understanding.

Do you ship meat?

Yes - we can package and ship your meat at an additional cost.

Is there a minimum caliber I should use for Hogs?

Yes - .270 or greater should be used to take hogs (.223 and even 6.5 have been marginal at best).  In addition, a good optic that has light gathering capabilities will help immensely when shooting in low-light conditions.

Is there a Gun Range Near You?

Yes - Firewater Shooting Sports is a Gun Range near us in Jacksboro.  Visit for more information.

Credit Card & Other Fees

There will be a 2.5% charge on any credit card transactions due to assessment and interchange fees.

A 6% Texas State lodging tax will be applied to your lodging fee.

Alcohol and Hunting - Don't do it!

Alcohol and firearms don't mix.  DO NOT drink before your hunt or during your hunt.

Additional Information

Cabins should be cleaned accordingly and left in the condition in which you found them.

Skinning rooms should also be hosed out and cleaned after you use them.

Please do not waste game animals or meat.  Do no leave meat behind or not attempt to butcher and process your kill.

Please note that if you change your hunting date, there will be a $100 charge

Please note that if you cancel and end up booking the next season/year, there is a $200 charge - but this fee will be applied to your new hunt balance.

We love what we do and we sincerely care that you have a great time and make good memories.  We have an abundance of wildlife and we run cameras and corn feeders throughout the year.  We guarantee opportunity in all of our hog hunts and whitetail hunts.  If Mother Nature plays an unfair hand during the course of your hunt we will have you back at no cost for hunting or lodging.  Our only ask is that you take of the guide.

Solo hunters may be paired with other solo hunters when lodging


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Still have questions?

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