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Affordable Texas Deer Hunts

Deer Hunts Packages

3 Day Trophy Hunt Package - $1395.00

This package includes 3 calendar days (two nights lodging), 1 trophy buck and unlimited wild hogs (per hunter).  Deposit is $350.00.

2 1/2 Day Meat Hunt Package - $975.00

 January only.  This package includes 2 1/2 calendar days (two nights lodging), 1 doe, 1 cull buck and wild hogs.  Bobcats and Coyotes may be taken as well with this package.  Deposit is $150.00.

Deer Hunts Information

Our deer hunts come with lodging (Deer Hunting Lodges) as well as a guide to take you to and from the deer ranches and blind locations (semi-guided).  Texas is well-known for big bucks and big racks.  There are no trophy fees or per-pound charges.  Our trophy bucks typically range between 140" and 170".

As an added bonus and at no additional cost, after you harvest your buck, you are free to take as many wild hogs as you can.  Texas is well-known for its wild hog populations so if they come into the feeder setups, put some down!

Texas whitetail deer can be found on our hunting ranch. To ensure the best opportunity for harvesting a deer we invest a lot of time and money into maintaining the population. Feeders on our ranch run year- round and we have an excellent source of water surrounded by heavy woods. Hunting locations are enhanced with feeders at each stand site and each stand is setup along buffer zones, escape routes, buck bedding areas and doe family unit trails.

The rut takes place in North Texas on the second Fall full moon phase in November.  Not all does are bred in the same day and they have a cycle.  The yearlings don't come into heat until late December.  Technically, the "rut" take place from mid-November through even February 1st.

Please note that hunts are conducted during legal shooting hours only.

We also do Euro Mounts. Please ask your guide for details.

Please visit the booking page to arrange dates and to apply deposit.


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